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SHOCKING DISCOVERY!!! John Fru Ndi is Totally Against Secession But 100% in Support of Federalism

John Fru Ndi, leader of the most prominent political party in Cameroon has decided to jump down from the fence.

In an interview granted to a private news publication, John Fru Ndi clearly stated that he,s not in favor of secession . He thinks the best option for Cameroon with regards to the crisis is federalism.

The SDF Chairman also stated that he has been ringing the warning bell in the past months.

He believes that if the Head of State engaged in frank dialogue with the resentful Cameroonains in the two english speaking regions, the situation should not have been this critical.

What about you? Are you in support of Federalism or Secession???? leave a comment below….

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  1. A mighty NO. The people might be “united” at the moment but I don’t think they’re gonna be after a “secession”. South Sudan should serve as example

    • So to you we keep dieing with the lies and hatred from yaounde, please rather be optimistic than pessimistic, what will make us not to be united after separation? are u God now? at least it will be better than staying in a house with someone who hates and wants to completely eradicate you.

    • U must be stupid. It is better we unite now and fight tomorrow. It is more better we fight after within us and make peace than stay in this useless government

  2. I stand firmly for separation.
    Southern Cameroon and southern Sudan have different histories.

  3. We are not receding because we had no art of union with la republic du Cameroon. We are are restoring our statehood.

  4. I strongly stands for total séparation since lrp and her régime are not willing and able to solve common simple problem. So our statehood is very important to me than ever.

    • I strongly stand for Independence, enough is enough what heck is Fru Ndi even talking bout federation. We need to restore ou state hood. Fru can go join LRC if he wants to.

  5. His time is up. He knows that he can only be relevant in that corrupt lrc government system.

  6. i am for total restoration because they have never regarded us as a people and lrp do not have law nor do they respect their own commitments if we agree to remain with them, with their bad faith they will never implement anything even my french speaking brothers can testify to this.

  7. Oooh come on…..his time’s up….. If he’s not joining d train. He should be quiet…. Sessession is the ultimate WANT… Nothing else

  8. Samuel-Martin ENOH BESONG

    Federation to me remains the best option because it will give the autonomous states the capacity to develop and grow. The example of South Sudan who obtained separation shows a sorry, sorrow and sour situation today! Let’s learn from history and not make the same mistake.

    • That what i always tell most Secessionist, Federalism will prepare you for independence

    • why can’t u conpare the case with that of Congo Brazza rather than South Sudan? Federalism ll be another entanglement for 100 yrs. to be frank with u, if we accept the so called federalism, the budget ll never be allocated the same. it is not in yde that they are going to do the monetary transactions? think well.

  9. Fru Ndi is of the corrupt LRC, and must support his kind. There is no difference between SDF and CPDM His time is up and he is struggling to maintain position. I advice him to humble himself and follow the wind of change which cannot be reversed. SDF is a dead serpent.

  10. We were once a state and we whole heartedly gave up our statehood 2 join Lrc, But nw we are restoring it, and we stoping at no where!

    • Let the will of God almighty prevail. Our suggestions and interests can’t do us any good except God’s will alone.

      • We already know mr preacher. Its God s will and He has ben with us till this critical moment, He is alway with ahos children so comment the right thing

  11. Federal government

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