The Recent Visit of the UN Secretary General to Cameroon Wasn't a Diplomatic visit.


Since the new UN Secretay general;  Mr. Antonio Guterres paid a courtesy call to Cameroon, the purpose of his visit hasn,t been revealed to the press and many Southern Cameroonians have been asking many questions about his visit. So we wrote this article to fill the information vacuum that currently exists around the new UN Secretary General first Visit to Cameroon before the rumor mongers and the fake news agents exploit this information gap.


Mr Antonio Giuteres visit to Cameroon wasn,t a diplomatic visit but a courtesy call hence the reason why his visit to Cameroon wasn,t officially announced before hand by CRTV and other mainstream media. Mr Giuteres  came to Cameroon to say hello to his friend hence the reason why the visit lasted only for 48 minutes.

For those of you who don,t know the meaning of Courtesy call, this is the meaning...

In diplomacy, a courtesy call is a formal meeting in which a diplomat or representative or a famous person of a nation pays a visit out of courtesy to a head of state or state office holder. Courtesy calls are usually of symbolic value i.e. important issues are rarely discussed during courtesy calls hence the reason why information about Mr Antonio Giuterres courtesy call to president Biya hasn't been disclosed. Most Diplomats often pay courtesy calls to head of states that they have a good relationship with.


It should be noted that President Biya is the only African president that has established a good rapport with Mr Antonio Giuterres so far . This is the first time Mr Giuterres is visiting Cameroon after he became the UN Secretary General but not the first time he's visiting Cameroon. Mr Giuterres first visited Cameroon in March 2015 when he was the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. On his first visit, he was given a very warm welcome; which Mr Giuterres still hasn't forgotten till today. During president Biya's meeting with Mr Giuterres at the 72nd UN General Assembly meeting in NewYork,  Mr Giuterres thanked president Biya for the hospitality he received when he visited Cameroon in 2015 as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Mr Giuterres meeting with President Biya at the 72nd UNGA further strengthen the bond between the two. Thats why After Mr Giuterres paid a diplomatic visit to Congo, he had to pay a courtesy call to Cameroon to see his good friend before returning to the UN headquater in Geneva.


Summarily the UN Secretary General's visit to Cameroon was just a courtesy call and important issues are not discussed during such meeting hence the reason why the visit lasted for just 48 minutes. Courtesy call visits are not often news worthy that's why the minister of Communication, CRTV and other mainstream media still haven,t released any information about the visit.


This information is like a blow up in the face of many Cameroonians (especially the Southern Cameroonians) who have anticipated that the purpose of the visit of the UN boss to Cameroon was to urgently pave the way for a frank dialogue between President Biya and the Cameroon secessionists; after many lives were lost on September 22nd and October 1st and many people displaced.

However Mr Antonio Giuterres still has the Anglophone problem in mind. The U.N. refugee agency says it is making contingency plans in Nigeria to care for a possible influx of tens of thousands of Anglophone Cameroonian refugees.The refugee agency estimates 5,000 Cameroonians have already fled to South Western Nigeria following a crackdown against protesters in the Anglophone community on the 1st of October.



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