Soon the American DV Lottery Will Become History; Trump wants to Terminate It!!!.


The American DV lottery; which is the easiest and the cheapest means for many Africans to realize their American dream, will soon be terminated. Trump is currently contemplating on whether to ban the American DV lottery program or not.

Trump mentioned during his campaign that every year thousands of unskilled people from all over the world migrate in to US through the American DV lottery program and become a liability to the US government. So Trump prefers an immigration program that will bring in skilled labour or individuals who will contribute to the growth of the US economy and not people who are solely looking for green(er) pasture.


If Trump finally takes a decision to terminate the American DV lottery program, he will be expected to pass a bill to the Senate and if that bill is voted, the American DV lottery program will become history.

So if the American DV lottery is the only means you can realize your American dream, then you need to start praying. Pray that the US senate shouldn,t vote the bill to terminate the DV lottery program just like they didn,t approve the bill to replace and repeal Obama care. With God all things are possible.


Oh noooooo! No Trump!

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