Nigerians react to policeman opening car door for Apostle Johnson Suleman


On the 10th of November, 2017,  Sunday Mbah; a Nigerian facebook user, shared a photo of a police man opening door for Apostle Suleman and he asked this $64,000 question...

This is your man of god with police security's .... but they sale to you for your protections, annointed wristband, annoited water/oil and car stickers but move around with heavy police security's...... Does it mean blood of Jesus cannot protect them???

That single question (posed by Sunday Mbah) generated hundreds of Comments with soooo many Nigerians on Facebook asking whether God is incapable of protecting Apostle Johnson Suleman...Why does he still pay for military protection?

This is the original facebook post...


See the reactions of Nigerians...





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