Spanish Gov,t Rejected the Results of the Catalonia referendum--Calls It an Illegitimate Vote


The Catalans voted in favor of independence in a contested referendum held on Sunday the 1st of October, 2017.

Results showed that over 90% of the Catalans who voted were in favor of a split from Spain (secession). Despite the massive victory by the secessionists, the Spanish government still haven,t accepted the result of the October 1st referendum. The Spanish Government and the EU claimed that the vote was illegitimate.

After the result of the referendum was made public, The Catalan President was forbidden from declaring independence from Spain on Monday despite victory. According to the Spanish Government that move would have further deepen the crisis aroused by the referendum.

The Catalans took to the street to protest demanding that the Spanish Government should respect the result of the October 1st referendum. However the Spanish police launched a widespread and violent crackdown.

The Catalan health ministry said 893 people were injured in the clashes on Sunday as riot police raided polling stations, dragged away voters and fired rubber bullets.


The Catalan President Carles Puigdemont condemned the police crackdown and called it the worst violence Catalonia had seen since the military dictatorship of Francisco Franco, and demanded the withdrawal of Spanish national forces from the region (Catalonia).

Catalan officials called on the EU to step in. "Today Europe has to choose, shame or dignity. Violence or democracy, this is our demand," the Catalan Minister of Foreign Affairs RaĆ¼l Romeva said.


But the EU backed Spain. The European Unions's executive body, said the vote was illegal. "We call on all relevant players to now move very swiftly from confrontation to dialogue. Violence can never be an instrument in politics," the commission said in a statement posted on Twitter.

EU said it trusted the president of Spain; Rajoy, "to manage difficult process" in respect of the Spanish constitution. Rajoy has said the vote was illegitimate. "At this point, I can tell you very clearly: Today a self-determination referendum in Catalonia didn't happen," he said in a televised speech Sunday night.

As of now, October 3rd, 2017 the Spanish government is still yet to accept the result of the October 1st referendum in which 90 percent of the Catalans voted to split from Spain.

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