President Paul Biya Sent a Message to The Southern Cameroonians From His Hide Out in New York


On the 2nd of October, president Paul Biya sent a message to the Southern Cameroonians through Facebook.
He writes;

I strongly condemn all acts of violence, regardless of their sources and their perpetrators. Let me make this very clear: it is not forbidden to voice any concerns in the Republic. However, nothing great can be achieved by using verbal excesses, street violence, and defying authority. Lasting solutions to problems can be found only through peaceful dialogue.


The many efforts to address the legitimate concerns of anglophones notwithstanding, the President's first direct reaction through Facebook points to the crucial role the social media plays as a rallying force.

Though misinformation on the  social media has not been helpful to the present situation of crisis, it remains obvious that the social media is more and more an indispensable and arguably, the most efficient channel of communicate.


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