La Francophonie urges Cameroonains to refrain from violence


The Secretary General of La Francophonie Michaelle Jean has denounced the recent spade of violence witnessed in the North and South West Regions. In a communique signed 2nd October, she expresses concern following the continous violence that has destabilized both regions.

Michaelle Jean said "The ongoing tension in these regions is very worrisome. Violence should never become a means of expressing grievances". She cautions against the deprivation of children's fundamental right to education.

It should be noted that the crisis in the North West and South West region of Cameroon began  in November 2016 when teachers and Lawyers took to the streets.  Schools have remained closed since then.

The Secretary General of La Francophonie Michaelle Jean acknowledged the measures already taken by the Government of Cameroon to address the grievances of the anglophone community but encourages the government to call for a direct and inclusive dialogue.
Michaelle Jean said " It is very important to prioritize peaceful options and dialogue in all circumstances at a time when Cameroonians are working on  the growth and stability of their country ". La Francophonie Boss  further states her organisation's willingness to contribute to the restoration of social peace in Cameroon alongside other international partners.

Its should be noted that this is the 3rd international body that has call for a peaceful dialogue. Common wealth and the United Nations have already proposed peaceful dialogue as the ultimate solution to the Anglophone Problem.

Yes!!! dialogue is arguably the best option but the $64,000 many Cameroonians are asking  is, who will president Paul Biya dialogue with?. Can president Paul Biya sit on the same table with Sisiku Ayuk Tabe; the leader of Ambazonia?.


From all indications, the Government of Cameroon is not ready for dialogue. In a recent press briefing, the Cameroon Government spokesman clearly said that the Cameroon government is willing to dialogue provided the issues to be discussed falls inline with the constitution of Cameroon.


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