How to Start a Blog In Nigeria Like Linda Ikeji's Blog

After we publish an article about how Linda Ikeji makes her money online , so many Nigerians have contacted us demanding to know how to star...

After we publish an article about how Linda Ikeji makes her money online, so many Nigerians have contacted us demanding to know how to start a blog in Nigeria. That's why today we have decided to publish an article about how to start a blog.

In this article, i,m going to tell you everything you need to know about starting a profitable blog like Linda Ikeji. Ok let's get down to business.

How to start a Blog Like Linda Ikeji

Before we start discussing about the main topic (i.e. how to start a blog), let me quickly answer 3 frequently asked questions that often scare many would-be bloggers in Nigeria from getting involve in blogging and make money online like Linda Ikeji.

Question 1: What is a blog?

A blog is a website or section of a website, where a person regularly publish articles about a particular subject or a  topic that he or she has sufficient knowledge about.

The process of updating a blog is called ‘blogging’ and the person who regularly updates a blog is called a blogger. For example is a blog and Linda Ikeji; the person who regularly publish articles on that blog is a blogger or a gossip blogger.

So you are going to create a similar blog like Linda Ikeji’s blog to write and publish articles about a topic or a subject that you have sufficient knowledge about. In other words you are going to use your blog as a platform to share your knowledge with the world and make money in the process.

When we get to the procedures to start a blog, you are going to learn about how to choose a good topic (subject) to blog about.

Question 2: How much does it cost to start a blog in Nigeria?


Even though Linda Ikeji’s Blog is now worth Billions of Naira, it will surprise you to know that it cost her nothing to create the Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

So to start your own blog and make money online, it won,t cost you anything. Its totally free. Yes! free like the air we breath.

You just need an internet connection, a laptop/PC, knowledge to share with the world and a good writing skill to effectively present your knowledge. Yes! that,s all you need in order to become a blogger like Linda Ikeji and start making money online.

Question 3: How much does it cost to hire a professional web designer in Nigeria to create a blog like for me?

You don,t need to hire anybody to create a blog for you.

Nowadays its very easy to create a blog. That,s why there are many bloggers and blogs in existence today.Improvement in technology has really made life easy. Nowadays anybody with a laptop and internet connection can easily create a blog (including your granny lol) thanks to the availability of so many free web design templates.

The web design templates provided by the various free blogging platforms makes it possible for anybody to create a blog like Linda Ikeji’s Blog with just a few clicks of a mouse.

So if you can create an email address or a facebook account by yourself then you will be able to create a blog like by yourself without any stress. I,m very serious!. Its very easy. Infact it won,t take us more than 6 minutes to create a blog like Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

Enough of all this talking, let,s get down to business so that you can see exactly what i,m talking about.

Things to do before creating your blog.

Step 1: Choose your niche (the topic or subject of your blog).

The niche of a blog is the topic or subject that a blogger has choosen to blog about. For example the niche of Linda Ikeji’s Blog is gossip news. Like i told you before, people create blogs based on topics or subjects that they have sufficient knowledge about. Linda Ikeji decided to start a blog to publish gossip news may be because she perfectly knew where to get all the latest gossip in Nigeria and what,s news worthy.

So you also have to choose a topic or subject that you have sufficient knowledge about and start a blog on that topic. You don,t need to start a gossip blog too, in order to make billions online like Linda Ikeji. With hardwork, consistency and creativity,  you can make lots of money online by blogging about any topic or subject.

Prior to starting a blog, i used to think that only bloggers in certain niches made a huge amount of money via blogging in Nigeria, but after gaining alot of experience in this blogging business, i now i think a little different.  I know many bloggers in Nigeria who are making over $500 per month from their blogs by simply publishing how-to guides about snail farming and i have also seen others making millions of Naira per month by writing about cassava processing.

To be honest, the amount those guys made from their blogs tempted me to set up a similar blog to see whether i could make a similar amount.I set up a similar blog but didn,t make up to 1 quarter of the amount made by those guys after blogging for 2 months. Why? due to insufficient knowledge about the topic (i ran out of blogging ideas within a month… didn,t know what to write about). In addition to that, i had no passion for the subject and this made me very reluctant to research about the topic.After i couldn,t make up to $10 after 2 months of blogging about snail farming, i decided to delete the blog and focus on something that i had sufficient knowledge about; which is How-tos.

Those guys were able to make that huge amount of money from their blogs because they had sufficient knowledge about their niche (topic) and they perfectly understood the needs of their audience . Unlike the money motivated bloggers who choose their niche (blogging topic) based on its profitability and end up quitting blogging after 3 month (when they realized they can,t create quality content on the topic).

So choose your own niche (niche) based on what you have knowledge about and you will still be able to make money online via blogging in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimoko Korkus and others.

For example if you think you have sufficient knowledge about Cocoa farming, you can start a blog on that topic, if you have sufficient knowledge about Nigerian food, you can start a Nigerian food blog to share that knowledge with the world.

Please take note it isn't compulsory that the topic of your blog should be related to Nigeria. If you think you know all the latest celebrity gossip news in US, you can start a US gossip blog. There’s a friend of mine who is blogging about US politics and making lots of money online but he’s a Nigerian (living in Nigeria).

Summarily you can start a blog about any topic (subject) that you have knowledge about and stand a chance of making money online like Linda Ikeji. Don,t worry about how to make money from your topic or subject. I,m going to show you how to do that.

So what do you have sufficient knowledge about? Is it fashion, bible, football, gossip news, relationship advice, make up tips, hairstyles etc that should be the topic (niche) of your own blog.

Step 2. Choose a Free Blogging Platform.

A blogging platform is the website that is going to host your blog files (like text, pictures and videos) on their web server  and make it LIVE or accessible to the internet users ( so that anybody with internet access can visit and read the articles on your blog). Those blogging platforms also provide free web address, web design templates and a user friendly environment that makes it possible for people with little or no knowledge about web designing (how the web works) to be able to create a blog, write and publish articles on their blogs.

Nowadays, there are many blogging platforms that will enable you to create a blog for free but the 3 most popular and also the best free blogging platforms are

Of the 3 popular free blogging platforms mentioned above, blogger is the most popular free blogging platform and the blogging platform that you are going to use to create your own blog. Incase you haven,t heard, Linda Ikeji,s blog is powered (hosted) by Blogger. Put simply, Linda Ikeji’s blog was created at Blogger ( for free. So you will also create a similar blog like for free at Blogger (

One of the reasons why Blogger ( is the most popular and also the best free blogging platform is because the Blogger platform, makes it possible for bloggers to make money their blogs through the Google adsense advertisement partnership program.

For those of you who don,t know, Google adsense is the main source of income of almost every blogger and website owner. Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimoko Korkus, Bella Naija and other popular bloggers in Nigeria, make money online from their blogs by displaying the Google adsense advertisements on their blogs. Take a look at the picture below. These the are Google adsense ads on Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

I know you may likely want to ask; what is Google Adsense or how does it work?. When we get to the topic about how to make money from blogging, you are going to understand what the Google adsense program is all about and how to make money from your own blog through Google Adsense. Let’s create our blog first before we can start thinking of making money.

Step 3.  Choose a nice name for your Blog (

After you have choosen a good topic (subject) to blog about, next!!! you will also need to choose a very nice name for your blog. Every blog has a name for example Bella Naija, Jaguda, Linda Ikeji etc. You are free to use your name as the name of your blog just like Linda Ikeji did or you can give your blog any name (as long as the name is still available or not yet in use by another person).

It should be noted that when you create a free blog at the Blogger platform, the web address (domain name) of your blog will have the extension i.e. I,m very sure you must have visited many blogs with the web address. Those blogs are powered(hosted) by Blogger. Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006 with that same free web address i.e.

The web address is a free web address that will be provided to you by Blogger to enable people to visit your blog. Anybody who wants to visit your blog will have to type in to their web browser.

But if you don,t like that free web address ( provided by blogger, you can register a custom domain name (web address) for your blog. Like i said before, linda Ikeji started blogging using that same free web address i.e. before she later registered the custome web address; (a professional web address without the extension); which she,s currently using right now. It will cost you just $12 to register a custom domain name (a web address without the extension) for your own blog like

At the end of this article, i,m going to show you how to register a custom web address like so that your blog can look professional instead of a using the free web address; which makes your blog to look like that of the amateur bloggers in Nigeria.

Ok we are now done with the basics. Let,s get down to business.

How to create a similar blog like

Like i told you before, we are going to create a blog at the Blogger platform (the same blogging platform used by Linda Ikeji, Laila, Stella Dimoko and other popular bloggers in Nigeria).

To create a free blog at Blogger, you will need to have a Google account. If you don’t already have a Google account, read this post—->>how to create a free Google Account and see how i created my own Google Account.

It won,t cost you anything to create a Google account. A Google Account is the only requirement for creating a free blog at Blogger (

After creating your Google Account, follow the simple step by step procedures below to create a similar blog like Linda Ikeji,s Blog. Like i told you before, it will take us less than 5 minutes to create a blog like Linda Ikeji’s at the Blogger platform. Don,t start panicking! i,m going to provide screenshots so that you can see everything that am doing. Ok let’s begin.

Step 1. After creating a Google account, sign in to your Gmail account.


Step 2. After you have successfully sign in to your Gmail account, open a new window in your web browser and type or simply click here to go to the blogger website.

Step 3. At blogger website, click on….

To be continueeed...



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How to Start a Blog In Nigeria Like Linda Ikeji's Blog
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