Jumia Online Store|How online shopping with Jumia Works

Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba are to the Americans and the Asians as Jumia and PayPorte are to the Africans.

Jumia is the most reliable and no1 online shopping website in Africa. Every day millions of people from accross Africa buy items from the Jumia online store that get shipped or delivered right at their doorstep. I have personally bought an Iphone 4 from Jumia so i,m talking based on my experience and not based on what somebody told me.

Their delivery service is very fast and free. They accept payment through MTN Mobile Money, which makes it possible for many Africans to buy online. Nowadays almost every MTN subcriber has an Mobile Money Account.

Even though its very easy to buy any item from Jumia and other african based online stores, many africans still prefer to waste their time and energy by walking from one shop or market to another searching for items to buy. Sometimes they don,t even find what they are looking for and they come back home panting and sweating for nothing. But that same item they are searching for is readily available at Jumia and can be shipped to them with just a few clicks of their mouse. Why can,t they use their mouse to buy from Jumia instead of going through so much stress. These are some of the reasons.

- Ignorance about how online shopping works. Many Africans have the desire to shop online but they find it very difficult to click the BUY NOW button because they don,t know how online shopping works.

When many africans visit many Online stores,they see so many beautiful products that they are interested in, but they are unable to buy those items because they don,t have any idea about how the products from the online stores will be shipped or delivered to them. Questions like where is this online store (Jumia) located, where is the product going to come from?, how is it possible for a product to be shipped from another country to me for free? and many other questions often make the africans reluctant to buy online. Let me answer some of the questions.

Most companies that market (sell) their products online have warehouses in most towns in the countries where their target customers are located. This makes it possible for them to quickly and easily deliver items to their customers and for free.

For example the Jumia company may set up warehouses in Abuja, Lagos and other popular towns of Nigeria where their target customers are located in Nigeria. Now when a customer in Lagos goes to the Jumia online store and buys a beautiful Samsung smartphone, the Jumia agents working in the Jumia office in Lagos will automatically be notified about that purchase and they will immediately package a Samsung smartphone and one of the Jumia delivery agents will deliver the product to the address of the customer.

So after clicking on the BUY NOW button and entering a house address in the Jumia online store, the Jumia customer just have to lie on his or her couch waiting for a Jumia delivery agent to knock on the door and hand over his or her product (within an hour maximum).

Like i said before, the Jumia company already has warehouses in the popular towns of many African countries and that,s why they offer very fast and free delivery. Check out the countries were Jumia has Warehouses in.

However if you are located in a (town)) country where Jumia has no warehouse (office) in, you will be asked pay for delivery through DHL and other delivery Agencies.Jumia shipping cost varies depending on your location. Jumia provides tracking codes for their customers to track their order.

So the online shopping concept is pretty simple. By following the simple method used by Jumia, you too can set up your own online store and start your selling your own products online. Even if you don,t want to set up your own online store, you can also list your own product on Jumia and sell it to the numerous Jumia Customers accross Africa.

Jumia also makes it possible for people to list and sell their own product on their online stores. So if you wish to sell any of your properties like phones, cloth etc, you can also create an ad on Jumia. When you list items on Jumia, a small fee will be deducted from your profit when you sell the product. Like i told you before, Jumia has lots of customers accross africa and so it will be very easy to sell your items on Jumia. Learn how to sell on jumia.

- Apart from ignorance about how online shopping works, many aficans are also reluctant to buy from Jumia because they don,t have a debit card (credit card) or PayPal Account. However this is no longer an excuse because Jumia now accepts MTN Mobile Money tranfers as a method of payment. Despite that, nowadays is very easy to obtain a card in Africa. The United Bank for Africa, Ecobank and other banks now offer very cheap prepaid cards. I do my shopping from Jumia using a cheap prepaid card called UBA Africard that i got from the United Bank For Africa. The UBA Africard is just like an online shopping wallet. You can buy it from any UBA branch and use it to shop online. You don,t need to open a bank account with the United bank for Africa order to be issued the card. Read this post --->>how to obtain a UBA Africard and start shopping online today.

Ok now that you know how online shopping works, you have no reason not buy from Jumia. Learn how to buy a product from Jumia.

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