What is Hostgator and Why you need their services

In the course of browsing the internet,you must have seen the Hostgator ads in almost every website (including this site). The Hostgator ads are even displayed in many YouTube Videos
and even in our Android Apps.

Have you ever wondered what Hostgator is all about or what services Hostgator offers that makes them think that everybody needs their services?.

If you have ever wondered What Hostgator is all about or what services they offer, today all your doubts will be clerified, so rejoice!. In this article i,m going to tell you the services that Hostgator offers and why you will one day need their services.Ok the foreplay is over now, let,s get down to business.

Hostgator is a webhosting Company. A web hosting company is an internet company that host (stores) the web files (like pictures, videos, music files,posts etc) that you see on websites. For example when you come to Linda Ikeji's blog, you immediately see lots of
texts,photos, videos and other files.Where do you think those files are coming from or stored?. They are coming from a web hosting company.

The web hosting companies have a super computer called Web server; where all the pictures, texts, and videos found in websites are kept for the internet users to be able to browse 24/7 .

Web servers connects web files to the World Wide Web so that everybody with internet access can access a website.You can call them WWW satelite computers if you want to.

Most web designers build or design their websites on their personal computers or laptop but in order for the world to see the website that they have created,the website files needs to be hosted on a webserver computer.If 1000 people want to look at their site, they won’t come to their home or office to do it, so they need to have a place where their site is “hosted” so that all 1000 or 1 million people can look at it at the same time. This online satelite platform is called server.

This is what a hosting company does; they will give them a space on their massive computer servers to host their website (web files) so that everybody can view it. They pay the hosting company a fee to host, or store, their website files. For example i had to rent a
space on the Hostgator webserver and upload my blog files to that space in order to make this blog go live or become accessible on the internet.

This service that Hostgator and other web hosting companies offers to the web designers and bloggers is called Web Hosting service hence there reason why they are called web hosting companies (simply web hosts). Because they host the web files of many websites on their servers.

Apart from Web Hosting service, some web hosting companies Like Hostgator also offers domain registration service.In case you don,t know, a domain name is simply another name for the term "web address" and a web address is what you usually type in to your web browser to access a website. Its a domain name that takes you to the specific location on a webserver where a particular website is hosted so that you can view the website contents.

Summarily the Web Hosting companies offers a very relevant service. To set up a website and make it go live on the internet, you will need to register a domain name and rent a hosting space from Hostgator and other web host.

So the web hosting companies form the back bone of the internet. If the web hosting companies decides to shut down their servers today, the virtual world will come to an end.

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