How to download a Video From YouTube to your Android Smartphone or PC

Many people are never satisfied after watching a YouTube video just once.In fact the more interesting a YouTube video is, the greater our desire to keep clicking on the play button (replaying the video). Especially the funny videos like the Mark Angel and Emmanuella commedy videos (one of my favourites).

Even though we all have the desire to watch our favourite videos on YouTube as many times as possible and also let our family members and friends watch it too and share in the joy, we are unable to do so due to one common problem; limited internet data.

I felt so bad in 2014, when i was unable to completely watch a very interesting YouTube video for the popular reason "limited internet data". From then, i began to carry out research on 2 things which include;

  • How to freely stream the YouTube videos unrestricted by internet data and

  • How to download videos from YouTube.

Thank God! my research was successful. Today i,m able to   download any video (no matter the size) from YouTube and watch it on my PC or smartphone as many times as i want and also send it to my friends through WhatsApp.

Even though it still requires internet data to download the YouTube videos,the joy of watching them uncountable times ( once downloaded to my smartphone or PC) and also share it with my family member and friends motivates me to do so.

In addition to that, its more economical to download a YouTube video and  watch it uncountable times on your PC or smartphone than to stream it on YouTube.

In this article, i,m going to show you how to easily download any video from YouTube. Ok let,s get down to business.

Follow the simple steps or procedures below to quickly and easily download  your favourite video(s) from YouTube.

Step 1: Visit the YouTube website and search for your favourite video. See screen short below. Click image to see full size.

From the screenshot above, you can see that i have typed the keyword "mark angel comedy emmanuella" in to the YouTube search bar. Like i told you before, i love watching Emmanuella's comedy videos. That little girl is so funny.

Step 2:  Ok After the video is displayed in the search result,just click on its  link. As for me,i,m interested in downloading  the FLOG Emmanuella video (my favourite). So i have clicked on its link as shown in the screenshot below.Click image to see full size.

Step 3: After the page has completely loaded. Just copy the URL of the video as shown in the screenshot below.

Don,t worry! i,m going to show you were to paste that link.....

Step 4: Go to the website . SAVEFROM.NET is a YouTube video extractor. Simply put, the website extracts videos from YouTube and make it possible for people to download it. So we are going to use their extractor to extract our favourite video from YouTube. Ok let,s get back to business.

After arriving at the SAVEFROM.NET website, you will find a search bar at the center of the website as shown in the screenshot below.

To download your favourite video,just paste the URL that you earlier copied from YouTube, in to the search bar (where it says "just insert a link") as shown in the screenshot below.Click image to see full size.

Immediately you paste the link in to that search bar, the download button for the video will instantly appear below together with the video frame (for confirmation).

Now just click on the download button to download the video and watch on your PC or smartphone as many times as you want or send it to your friends through WhatsApp.

Please make sure that you have enough internet data to support the download. When you click on the download button, the file size of the video will be shown. If your available internet data is less than the file size, don,t download the video. Use your common sense!

MP4 (Video files) are very large unlike the MP3 (audio files). Remember that, the longer the length of  a YouTube video, the bigger its file size. For example it will cost you less internet data to download a 5 minute long YouTube video than a 30 minutes long YouTube Video.

Umm ok that,s all you need to do in order to download any video from The procedure may seem too long when you do it for the first time but after you have downloaded your first video, downloading the second becomes very easy and quicker. However even if the procedure is long and boring, the benefit worth the effort. Enjoy your videos and remember! don,t be greedy.. also share it with your love ones ... share the joy. Bye !




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